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Nicholas Fardy Nicholas Fardy 08 October 2014, 00:15
Any vans/moterhomes on hear for sale?
James Lawton-buck James Lawton-buck 07 October 2014, 15:49
Hey Guys Long Time No See!

and no i'm not spam

If you need any details, specs and prices on the new mustang when it hits the UK market or before. i shall do my very best to get you all the info. I'm keeping a close eye on it!

My work details below
If you want to ring or email me at work
Steve James Very Aston but I like it. :-)
07 October 2014, 18:31
Dave Pannell Have their been any hints as to what a V8 one will cost?
07 October 2014, 19:24
Nicholas Fardy Nicholas Fardy 05 October 2014, 06:26
Is anybody going tonight who was that car show in barnsly on 21/9/14?
Nick Yorks Yanks Just seen this. Yes we are all here.
05 October 2014, 15:04
Nicholas Fardy Oh ok, ill have to catch you all at the next meet up
05 October 2014, 18:12
Nick Yorks Yanks Nick Yorks Yanks 05 October 2014, 06:02
Hello everyone,
It's the first Sunday of the month, so it's time for the monthly meet
6pm onwards at the usual place, Sandpiper in Melton industrial estate.
As usual we get 2-4-1 on all meals and an additional 20% off on top, but
even if you're not in a 2 or a 4 group, done worry, there's always someone
there to make up numbers.
New and old faces welcome so get yourself down and say hi.
Theresa Bruce Think I'm an old face :-P
05 October 2014, 06:27
Jenny Orme Have fun guys xxx
05 October 2014, 13:24
Laura Watson Laura Watson 04 October 2014, 17:04
Yorks yanks meet tomorrow 6pm at the sandpiper, melton. See you there :)
Theresa Bruce We will be there
04 October 2014, 17:08
Colin Would See you there!
04 October 2014, 17:21
Jenny Orme Jenny Orme 29 September 2014, 11:20
Hi need a 4.8 Chevy engine or closes too can anyone help ?
Nick Yorks Yanks No you don't, that will never fit in your car
29 September 2014, 12:16
Jenny Orme Pmsl 😂 sadly it's not for me 😞 x
29 September 2014, 12:31
Nick Yorks Yanks 5.8? Ford
29 September 2014, 20:45
Richard Cleggs Richard Cleggs 25 September 2014, 16:16
oil can cafe/carding shed hepworth near holmfirth end of season bbq and car/vehicle meet this sat 27th from 4ish till when ever allways a good turn out
Simon Edwards Be there if weather ok
25 September 2014, 16:23
Colin Would Colin Would 25 September 2014, 15:40
Anyone doing Fort Paull this weekend? We're hoping to make it!
Beverley Spider-Balls Possibly on Sunday but in the daily as his Lordship isn't up to driving the Plymouth just yet & I can't see over the dash :/ x
25 September 2014, 15:46
Simon Edwards If the weather is good illbe there. Just to decide what to go in
25 September 2014, 16:10
Tim Dooley Bit pissed really. One time we have gigs on sat and Sunday !!!
Weathers reckoned to be ok tho ;)
25 September 2014, 17:20
Andrew Atkinson Yea, I'm going, were coming in convoy, I think about four of us from Barnsley on Sunday
26 September 2014, 02:23
Chris Denton 10-4 good buddy, we gor us a convoyyy, would av joined ye but on call:(, enjoy yeall
26 September 2014, 02:30
Andrew Atkinson Proper shame :-(
26 September 2014, 02:45
Chris Denton I lad, gonna miss the Double Imp
26 September 2014, 02:46
Andrew Atkinson Yea Dion and John and Andy will leave me standing :-(
I've told em to go slow haha
26 September 2014, 03:02
Chris Denton Don't you be showing the Imp gang up lad
26 September 2014, 14:42
Martyn Walton Meeting up with a few at Ferrybridge 10 - 10:30
27 September 2014, 17:32
Colin Would A few of us are meeting in thorngumbald at 10ish, then just pootling over. See a few of you there!
27 September 2014, 17:34